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Shree Ram College of Veterinary Sciences is a Govt. Approved educational facility offering presently two years Veterinary and Livestock Development Diploma (VLDD). Teaching process comprises of class room activities, Practical orientation, clinical camps and tours and visits. Apart from comprehensive study programme participation of students in sports and extracurricular actives has been made mandatory. Medium of instructions is English and examinations are held in the same mode. 


Admissions to 2 years VLDD programme are held every year through a competitive examination (Diploma Entrance Test- DET) conducted by LUVAS-Hisar for candidates with Haryana State domicile having passed 10+2 in any stream. Applications for the DET are filled online for which dates are announced by LUVAS. 


Two Years Diploma Programme is spread over 4 semesters of 16 weeks each with the following course curriculum.

First Year.

 Course No                                Course Title                                     Credit Hours                Marks

1-VLDD-I VAN               Anatomy of Domestic Animals                         1+1                          100

2-VLDD-II VPB               Physiology of Domestic Animals                     1+1                          100

3- VLDD-III AN              Animal Nutrition                                                1+1                          100

4- VLDD-IV LPM            Livestock Management                                    2+1                          100

5- VLDD-V                      Introductory Animal Breeding                          1+1                          100

6-VLDD VI  - ENG          English                                                             2+1                          100

7-VLDD VII VLDS           Pharmacy                                                        3+1                          100

Total                                                                                                        11+7                         700

Second Year

1-VLDD VIII VAHE          AH Extension                                                    1+1                         100

2- VLDD IX LPT              Livestock Prod. Technology                              1+0                         100

3- VLDD X VLDS            Vety. Medicine                                                   3+1                         100

4- VLDD  XI VLDS          Vety. Surgery                                                     2+1                         100

5- VLDD XII- VLDS         Reproductive Disorders                                    1+1                          100

6- VLDD XIII                    Reproduction and AI                                         1+1                         100

7- VLDD IVX VLDS         Clinical Procedures and Farm Pract.                0+6                         100

                                                                  Total                                        9+11                        700

To pass a subject a student has to obtain 40 % marks separately in theory and Practicals and supplementary examination is allowed to a maximum of two subjects only     


Note= one credit hour means lecture class of one hour, practical class of 2 hours and clinical/farm work of 3 hours/per week)

Counselling schedule and Documents required

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